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About Us

                                                            World of Tholi

Tholi is an Indian word which refers to a bag carried by the "Zamindar's" in ancient times. Here at Tholi, we celebrate flamboyance and treat it as a carrier of happiness...... we believe that the bearer of beautiful elements, i.e. our quintessential bags must be equally ethereal....

When I say, "all you want to do is, Own a Tholi," I say it, not because, it’s beautiful, not because, it’s ethnic, not because, it’s warm, I say so because it nurtures my conscience by pampering our mother Earth. The first noted factors are however for you to lovingly comprehend. 

Tholi boasts of a wide range of collection of sophisticated and earthy jute bags. Yes, my dear folks, jute here is your keyword. Plastic has been malevolent to our nature for a very long time now, tearing it down slowly and painfully. I don't blame us human beings for being biased towards the pompous plastic bag because of the lack of an alternative. Hence, the introduction of the Tholi presents you with an alternative you cannot resist. Be it your regular day out with friends, a soiree, a bulk give out on birthdays or official functions- our exemplary Tholi accomplishes it all by giving an additional touch of your love and warmth to the recipient. When a minimal jute Tholi enables you to endear your mother nature and loved ones simultaneously, was I wrong when I said, "All you want to do is to own a Tholi".